Wood Domino Crate with Succulents

I love having greenery but greenery doesn't love me,  I either forget to water them or I over water them. ..enter faux plants.


I dug through my stash of wooden things I've collected from thrift stores & yard sales and found these wooden handmade dominoes, added sides from straps of lumber & a wire handle.  Two small faux succulents fit perfectly in the crate and I don't have to worry about watering them! 


Faux Plant Love

Plants just do well in our house, I'd  like to blame it on the house (somehow) but the simple truth is that I either under-water them or over-water them. ..I also tend to like them in places that don't let them get any sunshine. ...apparently that's sort of important. {Hahaha} 

But I'm picky about fake plants/flowers & honestly, I've not had great luck with finding realistic plants locally so how stoked was I to find this fern at my local grocery store!?!

There's something about the little addition of green that just makes a vignette more spring-like, even if you haven't changed anything else.